Count Us In | Created by Sauda A. Zahra from Durham, NC.

Count Us In

Created by:

Sauda A. Zahra from Durham, NC


Racism: In the Face of Hate We Resist

Artist Statement:

Police brutality in the United States is disproportionately inflicted on the African American community, often resulting in death. African American males are central in the outcry against this violence while African American females remain in the margins. African American females – seniors, adults, and children – who are unjustly killed by police seem invisible when we seek accountability and justice for these crimes. Why are cries for justice muffled when it comes to Black female bodies? Why are African American female victims not consistently included in public discourse on police brutality and their cases better documented?

"Count Us In" shines a spotlight on all African American female victims of police brutality, past and present. Their lives must be remembered, counted, and receive the justice they rightfully deserve.

46" x 50"
Commercial cotton, ribbon, beads, metal embellishments; machine pieced, hand and machine appliquéd, embroidery, machine quilted.