Wibbly Whacky Wobbly | Created by Tracy Rucka from Madison, WI, and quilted by Heather Matanock.

Wibbly Whacky Wobbly

Created by:

Tracy Rucka from Madison, WI

Quilted by:

Heather Matanock


Panel Quilt Challenge

Design Source:

Inspired by Magic Stack and Whack Book

Artist Statement:

As a Whovian, a fan of the Dr. Who television series, I knew a stack and whack style quilt was in my future when I found a clearance bolt of panels. Inspired by the book "Magic Stack and Whack Quilts," I used the Design Helper at oneblockwonder.com to visualize and choose sizes for hexagons. I learned pointy bindings too. Allons-y!