2020 Quilt Exhibits

2020 Quilt Exhibits

Enjoy Our Full Quilt Exhibits From the Comfort of Your Home!

Using a special 3-D camera, our team is setting up and capturing video and photos of this year’s quilt exhibits.

Enjoy an immersive and interactive walk-through of the exhibits with access to high resolution images, detailed information about each quilt, and video interviews with select quilters who share the stories behind their quilts.

While it’s not necessary to have virtual reality (VR) goggles, they would heighten the experience if you happen to have them on hand.

Make sure you write down the entry number of your favorite quilt in the contest exhibit and cast your vote for the Viewers’ Choice award! 

Make sure you Log In or Register Online to gain access to this amazing interactive exhibit and to be able to cast your vote for the Viewer’s Choice Quilt!

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