Sorrow, Grief and Righteous RAGE | Created by Brenetta Ward from Seattle, WA.

Sorrow, Grief and Righteous RAGE

Created by:

Brenetta Ward from Seattle, WA


Racism: In the Face of Hate We Resist

Artist Statement:

Navigating the COVID 19 pandemic, economic downturn and social unrest in response to the murder of Mr. George Floyd all at once is overwhelming. I created this piece as a way to process the intense emotions I am feeling.

The foundation is made of 400 two-inch African fabric squares. Each one symbolizes the 400 years of oppression we have survived. The black shroud of organza represents the structural racism and brutality we live under each day in our country. The appliquéd panels depict our collective sorrow, grief, and Righteous RAGE. Like our ancestors before us, In the Face of Hate, We Resist.

38½" x 38"
African cottons, organza, upholstery fabric, cotton batt; machine and hand pieced, hand quilted.